My first game. A great introduction to 2D.

My first 2D Game

Asteroids is my first 2D game. I learned the basics of 2D development. I made Asteroids early in my first year at College, however, I learned a couple of key things that I still use today.

I had finished the minimum viable product early and decided to add some additional features in the game. I started with a spread shot instead of a straight line shot. Next, I added explosions, then Music and sound effects. This was the start of one of my core design philosophies: Juice. 

When adding the health bars to the asteroids I added a large and ugly switch statement, of which I planned on displaying different sized health sprites based on how much health was left. Ugly and messy, I know, I was learning. However, I came up with a clean and scalable solution. I only had a single sprite which I scaled up or down based on the health. The code for this was also much smaller.

Despite Asteroids being very rudimentary, I started developing my style of code and design. 

Original Asteroids which inspired my game.

Learning Points
Future Plans
Asteroids is a remake of a classic game where you must shoot asteroids and avoid being hit.
I learned some basic 2D development strategies and techniques. I also began learning about implementing Juice into my games.
I do not have any plans on returning to work on Asteroids.