Freak Invasion

An experiment in a new genre

A Continued Effort

Within only two short days, the prototype for Freak Invasion was made at the Dalhousie University Game Jam. I decided to make a twin-stick top-down shooter game, as I have never made one before. Even though this type of game isn't my favorite to play, it was a ton of fun to make. 

I have decided to make a series of several blog posts documenting the continued development of this game up until the new year. 

Check out the gameplay!

Learning Points
Future Plans
Freak Invasion is a top down twin stick shooter where you must survive hordes of enemies as they attempt to overwhelm you.
I discovered the huge advantage of using features such as delegates in C# and Unity. Despite using them for a few months, I finally had my "Ohhh" moment.
I have no immediate future plans for Freak Invasion.