A Game a week? Are you crazy?
Aren’t we all crazy in our own creativity; Programming, 3D Art, Painting, everything! That’s why I will be creating a new game every week for the 52 weeks of 2018. I will be starting on Monday, January 1st and ending on Monday, December 31st.
Greatness Is a Lot Of Small Things Done Well.” - Ray Lewis

This process is going to challenge me to keep a daily schedule for 365 days. Forming a new habit for 365 days is not an easy task, though when the task is to do what you love every single day, it becomes easy. Despite the fact that I love making games, I do not have scheduled hours every single day in which I just make games (outside of work). I will be changing that in 2018. After 365 days of habit-forming positive action, it will be second nature to keep the same daily schedule in 2019 and beyond. Though I don’t know what that daily work content looks like in future years, I will be much more productive and effective for it.
How will you do it?
How will the content be delivered?

Because my passion is making games and not reinventing the wheel, I will be growing a base package of tools that I use in every game I make during the 52 weeks. Some examples could include a generic main screen, every game needs one but that doesn’t mean we need to recreate it every time. If I am making a new game every single week, I want to maximize my time making unique things for that current game.
Every Sunday I will post a new game on my website for others to see. At the end of the year, I will also make a compilation video of every game I made during 2018 (including those outside of this challenge).
Hi there!
I am a game programmer and leader.
I am a graduate of NBCC Miramichi's Electronic Game Development and recent employee of Gogii Games.  I am always looking to connect with creative individuals!