Iron World

An experiment of camera movement and path finding.

A dive into mathematics.

Up to the point of developing Iron World, I had simple problems. Often these problems were not very heavy in mathematics. The games I made up to this point were mainly 2D. Any 3D games I made were simple in mechanics. 

Iron World is more of a demo than a game. I was experimenting with camera movement. I wanted a camera to follow my player similar to how an RTS camera would operate. 

The biggest challenge was translating my cursor movement on screen to rotation of the camera. Looking back, the problem was an easy one. However, Iron World gave me the confidence of working with 3D Vectors, Quaternions and 3D space. 

An experiment with a camera.

Learning Points
Future Plans
Iron World is not so much a game as it is a demo. Iron World explores the mechanic of movement and follow of a RTS style camera.
I learned a couple key techniques when using vectors and quaternions.
I do not have any further plans for Iron World.