Level Editor

A multipurpose level editor.

A personal Problem

At NBCC, in our first year, we never touched a game engine. We start with low level programming and create a strong foundation. Because of this fact, whenever we want to have a level in our game, we had to store it in a text file. 

Typically, this meant developing a new level editor for each game we made. I soon became sick of this and started work on a generic 2D level editor that can be adjusted for any game. 

There I was able to adjust the editor grid how I liked and tweak any features. I was able to quickly get up and running, creating a level, export it and implement it. All while my peers were still developing their editors. 

Later I also found the Unity scene editor to be inefficient. Because of the text file format, I am able to bring any levels into Unity as well. In the near future, I plan to create a direct link to Unity as a plugin. 
Learning Points
Future Plans
Level Editor is a generic 2D level editor. When you are finished with the level, you can export it as a text file, which can be used in any game. 
I learned that when developing a product like this, it is smart to choose a UI framework rather than build your own.
I plan to make a Unity link which automatically implements any changes into Unity as a new scene.