A rivival of a classic game.

Design First.

QUBE became my second step exploring the design behind game development. Before breaking the game down into separate components from a programmer's perspective, I explored the mechanic. 

My team purchased a Rubik’s cube and began marking it with a dry erase marker. Much like how some studios make paper prototypes, we made our own cube prototype. I learned that such a puzzle can be quite challenging and cause the player to use spatial problem-solving. 

The current state of QUBE uses simple static blocks that do not move. However I plan to implement special blocks such as teleportation blocks. 

Other games have similar puzzles.

Learning Points
Future Plans
QUBE is a 3D spatial puzzle game. The goal is to land on every walkable block once and only once. Be careful though, you can easily block yourself off.
Thinking about the design of the game first is often very benefitial. A great way of designing a game is to create a real world prototype.
I do not plan to continue working on QUBE.