A project that taught me many new techniques.

Game Jams and Ineffeciencies

During my time at NBCC, I attended many Game Jams. Many of the games I made were little experiments, very few are actually worth showing. Seed started as a Game Jam game. In just a short 24 hours we developed a prototype of what would become Seed. 

Because of the nature of a game jam, the code is often messy and in some places horribly inefficient. After just a small amount of blocks, the game would lag. It became a problem of developing a game that could potentially be infinitely large but still lightning fast. 

For the next few months, myself and Nick Comeau worked on the project. We hired a voice actor who did narration lines and our introductory sequence.  

We were able to show the game off at the 9th annual Jalloo festival for animation and games, here in Miramichi. The game attracted some attention, including a veteran game designer who helped us rethink our game.

This image is what inspired me to make Seed.

Learning Points
Future Plans
Seed is a game where you, a seed, must create and nurture a world. Watch as ecosystem begin to emerge and interact with one another.
I learned that not all game mechanics are great. After reading a book called "A Theory of Fun", I realized this game had nothing that was intrinsically fun.
I do not have any future plans for this project.