A game with a unique mechanic.

Time Well Spent

When I sat down to develop SPLIT I decided to take the approach Rami from Vlambear suggested; 2:22. The 2:22 approach is for game jams specifially. Where in a 24 hour game jam, the first two hours are spent developing the base game. This means you have a finished game very quickly, while the remaining 22 hours are spent polishing and refining that core gameplay.

For me I found this technique very effective. I was able to develop the main mechanic in less than an hour and had the rest of the game jam to make an awesome game. As a team of one I was able to win the game jam, even beating out teams of 6 people. 

This project really showed me that if you have a clear and laser like focus on something specific, you can make the game great and even beat out the "big guys". 

Check out the gameplay!

Learning Points
Future Plans
SPLIT is a 3D puzzle game where you must traverse a level by jumping back and forth between the past and the future. 
Choosing to focus on a small portion of the game and making it the entire focus of the game can be much more effective than doing lots of stuff mediocrely. 
I do not have any plans to work on SPLIT further.