Wolfenstein Online

An introduction to networking.

Networking is Interesting.

Wolfenstein Online was a class project. Despite being a networking project, the networking was the easiest part of development. We used a plethora of tutorials and examples to create Wolfenstein. 

Once we developed a working single player version of Wolfenstein, we began work on multiplayer. We found that the networking code wasn't being called fast enough or frequent enough. Despite being called as fast as possible, the networking was still choppy. 

Our solution was to make a separate thread which handled all networking. In just a couple short hours we implemented the second thread. 

Darren, my Instructor mentioned what we did was a great setup. For future games, we can offload major systems such as AI, Physics, and Audio to separate threads and allow them to communicate with each other. 

Despite being a headache at times, Multithreading became an important tool for us.

The original Wolfenstein.

Learning Points
Future Plans
Wolfenstein is a 8 person multiplayer remake of the classic game. It offers fast paced game play.
Wolfenstein offered me many learning points, one of the most useful being proper multithreading. 
I do not plan on continuing any further with this game. Though I will take certain mechanics and ideas generated from this project into future and current projects.